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17 Nov

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There is a new pizza place in the DTC that has delicious vegan pizza! It’s called Zpizza its located on the corner of  Bellview and Yosemite in Greenwood Village. This is the best pizza i have had since going vegan. They us a soy free cheese substitute called “Daiya” it’s made from arrowroot, it stretches and tastes just like cheese. It’s amazing! They also stack on the toppings! They have a veggie burger crumbles topping that is spiced really well and tastes really good. They use natural ingredients and organic sauce!  It’s a pretty legit place. Everything tastes fresh the managers there we’re really nice and very proud of the vegan pizza. I say make it there as soon as you can!! Then, let’s talk them into opening one in Denver.


Peaceful Prairie

15 Nov


I went to visit Michelle and Chris over at Peaceful Prairie today. It was a very good experience, I got to meet a lot of the animals over there and hear their stories. It was pretty heartbreaking but over all a good experience. I think I’m going to go volunteer over there more often and maybe do some video stuff for them. I would suggest everyone to go over there and check it out! here is a link to their web-site!

Plastic Fish!

13 Nov

Toxic Oceans So my friend sent me this article and i though i would share it with you. It’s actually two articles one from 2007 and one that is more recent. It is about the trash collecting in the oceans and the toxins that are being transfered from the fish, to humans who eat them. It’s also about a lot more and equally important issues. We NEED to think more about our actions. So hopefully this is some motivation to A) stop eating fish. b) to stop using so much god damn plastic! c) To just be more caring with our decisions in general and realize that everything we do has an effect on the world around us. alright I’m done preaching check out the articles.


Glenn Beck is an Asshole!

12 Nov

I know this is common knowledge, but this video speaks for it’s self.  It really pisses me off. The thing i hate most is that he doesn’t have any real arguments. This is why he is just a pundit and nothing more.  It really upsets me to know that people actually take this guy seriously! Though I will give him props for calling out Al Gore, as much as i like you Al you can’t ignore the UN study! The Meat industry is the #1 cause of Gobal Warming pollution! about 40% more than transportation. So get on your bike and go have a veggie burger! Not only is it better for you it’s better for the earth and the animals!


“Sweet Action Ice Cream”

5 Nov


I just went to Sweet Action ice cream! I went there before i was vegan and knew that they had vegan options. But, nothing could have prepared me for the amazingness that is the VEGAN Key Lime flavor! My goodness, it was really fucking good!  Not only did i have a taste explosion i also met and talked to one of the owners (Chia) and he was a very nice guy. He gave me some advice for an idea i have. We talked about how excited he was for the new key lime flavor and how much work went in to it. It was a good visit and i would highly recommend anyone to get down there and GET SOME DAMN ICE CREAM!!!!! I Know it’s cold but help them make it through the winter so they are there for all those hot days that are upon us. 🙂

52 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203



“Food Inc.”

4 Nov


Hello everyone one!  The movie “Food Inc.” is now out on DVD. This movie i think is extremely important and everyone should see it. Do we know where our food is coming from? I feel like there is a real lack of knowledge about what is going on in the food industry. This type of information changed my life and I feel that it could change the way we eat and live.  At least i hope!!!