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A Vegan In Beaumont, TX!

25 Dec

This one may need some explanation. I am going to the town i grew up in for Christmas. The town is call Groves it’s about 15 min. from Beaumont and about and hour and a half from Houston. I was looking on the internet and I came across this article from the local news! Frankly i though it was A.) awesome that there was a vegan in Beaumont and B.) That it’s funny this is such a big deal they put it in the papers. Well, needless to say this trip home should be interesting! Happy Holidays guys!

here is a link to the article and the video..


Ringling Bros. Circus Abuses Animals for Entertainment

21 Dec

Baby elephant being "trained" at a breeding facility.

New footage shows the Ringling Brothers Circus abusing elephants. I will just leave it at that and let the website speak for itself. Check out this video, then go to this link for more info.

Colorado Humane Society To Close January 1st.

15 Dec

The Colorado Humane Society will be shutting it’s doors due to funding problems and investigations they are facing. this is such sad news for the animals, their fate has yet to be decided. Please help out if you can by adopting a cute dog!

here is an article about the situation there. Also, there a link to the humane society website.

The Cove

14 Dec

Everyone should go out and see this movie as soon as you can! This is one of the most exciting, eye opening, important and make you want to get off your ass and become an activist movies i have seen in a while! It just came out on DVD Dec. 8th. You can pick it up from netflix, blockbuster, the library or your favorite local video store. But if you buy it all proceeds from the sale of the DVD are going to support the campaign to stop the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter. This dolphin slaughter is such an appalling thing that has gone unseen for so long and it looks like this movie is one of the few films that is making a huge difference. So see it, get involved, buy it and show everyone you can!  Thanks!