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Chomp! For July 7th is Postponed

28 Jun

Chomp! will not be happening on July 7th (the first Wednesday of the month) Because the venue is remodeling that week! I know your thinking “What am I going to do now?! Well, you can come to Titwrench Fest on July 9th-11th! there will be bands, art, food (by yours truly) and a lot more! So come out, say hello and eat some delicious food! Chomp! will be returning to the first Wednesday of everyone month after July! the next one will be on August 4th. We hope to see you there!!


Let Live Conference 2010

27 Jun

For those of you who didn’t know. The Plants & Animals crew is here in Portland, OR for the Let Live Animal Rights Conference . We are having a great time learning and eating a lot! Make sure you keep a look out for new developments when we get back to Denver! For now Check out these great organizations and businesses that are part of the conference!

Our Hen House

Compassion For Animals

Liberation BC

Food Fight! Grocery

Herbivore Clothing

Also, you can steam video from the conference here !

No Mo Toro!

24 Jun

Plants & Animals started up our first campaign! Titled “No Mo Toro!”

Bluefin tuna are at risk of extinction. The amazing fish is prized for its flesh at sushi bars around the world. A single Bluefin can be sold for $100,000 or more in Japanese fish markets (Japan purchases 80% of the world’s Bluefin catch). The world’s Bluefin stocks are estimated to be 3% of what they were before industrial fishing practices became common 50 years ago. Some estimates say that at current fishing rates, the Bluefin will be extinct in 3-10 years.

Given this reality, you might think it would be illegal to serve Bluefin at a restaurant in the U.S. (as it is illegal to serve whale and dolphin meat). Unfortunately, we have found that several Denver sushi bars serve Bluefin Toro and Maguro, often whenever they can get their hands on it. We at Plants & Animals Denver see this as a ridiculous as serving Siberian Tiger burgers or Mountain Gorilla steaks.

Thus we are initiating Operation: No Mo Toro. To do our part to save the Bluefin, we will be operating an ongoing public campaign to get Denver sushi bars to stop serving the threatened species, and educate consumers about why this is important.

For more info about this campaign and what you can do visit our “No Mo Toro” page here on the website!